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Diablo 3 auction houses are doomed by developer Blizzard

Thursday, 19th September 2013 14:31 BST (Europe/London)
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Video game Diablo 3 is to ditch its auction houses after its developer acknowledged the facility "undermines" gameplay. Players are currently able to buy and sell weapons, armour and other virtual items to each other using either real-world cash or in-game gold. Blizzard took a cut of any transactions involving real-world money, offering it an extra source of income. But it has now acknowledged that the facility "short-circuited" the title.
It follows complaints from gamers that the auction houses made the game less satisfying to play as they undermined the challenge of the battle to defeat Diablo, the "lord of terror". The company said that the auction houses would be removed on 18 March 2014, giving users a chance to adjust. "We firmly believe that by shutting down the real-money and the gold auction houses, it really paves the way to make sure that killing monsters in-game is the most rewarding, the most satisfying, the most compelling way of getting your hands on those items," said Josh Mosqueira, Diablo 3's game director. Although the move may please many, it is has caused controversy with some as it effectively makes their virtual possessions worthless outside the game's horror-themed fantasy environment. "You might as well be robbing us," wrote one user on the company's forums. "I have accumulated about $100 [
Written by Leo Kelion @ BBC News

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