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HALO Infinite will be at the Xbox 20/20 event

Friday, 15th May 2020 14:44 BST (Europe/London)
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This July, the "Xbox 20/20" event will be showcasing first party titles, and HALO Infinite has been confirmed.

We got the first teaser nearly 2 years ago, at the 2018 E3 event, its absolutely brilliant to see that the wait is almost over.

The team at 343 Industries have confirmed that the game will be included in the event.

As "first-party title", we can expect a well polished game that is optimised to run well on the new hardware. The close relationship that the team must have had with the console engineers should translate into amazing graphics and a benchmark for man years to come of what can be achieved with the new Xbox Series X.

Last updated: Monday, 9th November 2020 @ 9:31 GMT (Europe/London)
Written by Prezes

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