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Destroy All Humans! 2 - Interview - Part 1

Developer Interview with a developer of the Destory All Humans! 2 game Part 1 of 2

Q1: With the success of the Xbox 360, will Destroy All Humans 2 make an appearance on the next generation platform?

A1: We came pretty close to maxing out the capabilities of the current gen machines in the last game and we really wanted another crack at it. I think Destroy All Humans! 2 will really push the current gen to the absolute limit and we're very excited to see what people think of it.

Q2: With online capabilities being a big part of a game success, will there be a multiplayer, co-op option or downloadable content?

A2: Destroy All Humans! is very story focused and I think for that reason it would not make a very satisfactory online experience, which is mostly about competition. Multiplayer was a big requested feature from the last game and so with DAH2 you can play the entire game with a split screen, multiplayer co-op mode. You can also jump in and out of multiplayer mode at any time, which makes for some tricky coding let me tell you! We also have bonus missions and games that can be played in 2 player mode; the PK Tennis with a human instead of a ball is great fun.

Q3: Are there any plans to take this series to the portable or next-gen markets?

A3: We really like the Destroy All Humans! franchise and there are lots of opportunities in the future for it.

Q4: What was the inspiration behind Destroy all Humans?

A4: For the first game, the inspiration largely came from the schlocky sci-fi movies of the 1950s which is when the game was set. For Destroy All Humans! 2, we have looked at the Spy movies of the 1960s and, to some extent, the Japanese monster films of that time. Expect to be fighting Russian secret agents in London and hideous mutant reptiles in Japan!

Q5: What are some of the Destroy All Humans 2 added features or options that didn't appear in the original title?

A5: We have made additions to almost every part of the game. Probably the most significant is the length of the game; we have 28 main missions and over 50 side missions. The co-op multiplayer mode is also new, along with the multiplayer games. We have 4 new weapons in this game, including the disclocator and the destructive Meteor Strike. All the weapons and mental powers have many upgrades as well. We've changed some of Crypto's mental powers so that they are more powerful and adaptable and added some new ones, which will make the game much more interesting in both sandbox mode and in missions

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