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Destroy All Humans! 2 - Interview - Part 2

Developer Interview with a developer of the Destory All Humans! 2 game. Part 2 of 2

Q6: What features/ideas did you cut in DAH1 that are in DAH2?

A6: Definitely the addition of giant mutant lizards was high on our list. We also really wanted to go outside of America in the first game, and so that's the reason why Crypto is such the globetrotter in this game. But really with the focus of DAH2 shifting more to the 60s a lot of the cool ideas from the first game were dropped because they did not fit the timeframe any more. The 60s gave us so much cool new material with the Cold War, Hippies and Mods, nuclear threat and the space race.

Q7: Will it be online compatible with the PS2 online system as well as Xbox Live?

A7: Like I mentioned above, we did not really feel the story focus lent itself very well to online.

Q8: How is the game play changed in order to stay fresh and fun instead of "more of the same"?

A8: The player has much more control over the environment in this game, which I think is one of the main points of difference. With the new Bodysnatch ability you can take over a person and make them do what you want. If you snatch a cop for example, you can walk over to a police box and call in an all clear, thus lowering the threat level. You also have a new ability to Mind Flash people, create a kind of mental bomb that blanks everyone in the level and also lowers the threat level. The new side missions are probably the largest addition, in them you can create a UFO worshipping cults around the world, you can destroy people's lives by making them do things they would not normally do, and there are lots of side objectives that enhance the storyline and the Destroy All Humans! universe.

Q9: Will it ever be available for PC?

A9: Stay tuned!

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