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Covenant Weapons

This is to give you some information on the Covenants weapons.

Plasma Pistol- The plasma pistol is what some grunts and all jackal's carry. You can do a charged up shot by holding down on the fire button (right trigger). Or you can shoot a normal shot by pressing the fire button. There is a way to make it like the plasma rifle except it doesn't run out of energy as quick. To do this you need to press the fire button quite quickly but not to the point that it will overheat. When doing this it will shoot 2 shots before it goes down one on the energy. With the charged up shot it will go down a whooping 10 rounds of energy. and with shooting normally it can go down one for every 1-3 shots. Plasma Rifle- This weapon is exclusively for the elites. Most of the time they will carry this or a needler. The plasma rifle has the tendency to overheat quickly. It fires rapidly when you hold down the fire button. You can also just tap the fire button for it to shoot a single shot of plasma. When being shot at a rapid pace it uses up it's energy very fast. But when being tapped it wastes energy like the plasma pistol does. Needler- The needler shoots these pink needle type projectiles at you. When they hit they will explode and do on higher difficulties quite abit of damage when they explode. The needles seem to be a homing type weapon. They will make turns and seem to be attracted to your body heat. Once they follow you for a certain distance though, they will explode. Plasma Grenade- It is the covenants equivalent of the fragmentation grenade. It will stick to it's target if it hits them, that also means you! It seems to do about as much damage as the fragmentation grenade. It emits a blue glow around it while being thrown. It will not kill you in one hit aslong as you have your shield fully charged and have full health. Or if you have a overshield on it will generally take away all of the overshield and your shield. When you are up against spec ops covenant be careful. They seem to be able to use plasma grenades very well.

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