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Aliens not being in Channel 4's top 100...

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Topic: Aliens not being in Channel 4's top 100...
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Well Alien was, and some say it was better ('lo Demi) but i personally needed the kick to wake me up that Alien never gave me, in certain areas it was dull and the alien in Aliens looked so much better than it did in ANY of the other films, including res.

So what are your opinions on Aliens not getting a place or do you think Alien was the true classic?

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Curiously enough, Aliens is one of the very rare movies where *many* say it's even better than the first one. I know *I've* been hooked to the Alien universe ever since 1986

Still, Alien is a darn good movie too, especially if seen in a real big movie theatre - it's a different movie than on T.V.!! I'd say they both belong on this list. Blast them for forgetting Cameron's best movie!!

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how many "other" sequels were in the listing??

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