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RP: Gladiators Moon... Contents may be graphic and over 18 in nature...

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Topic: RP: Gladiators Moon... Contents may be graphic and over 18 in nature...
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Hi All,

This is the intro to the world of this thread

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It was a minor Pit, on the outskirts of Redemption, some 20 miles from the main city, Karakorum.
The place was about as big as the old basket ball courts of old, with steep, tall walls, blazing lights, creating an incandesent area. Sand filled the inside, and far above, spectators roared.
In a small side door, a door that would open up to the pit, a small room, with a cage, electified and covered. Outside the cage a young man sat. He looked to be no more than 25, dark brown hair, wearing sun glasses, non descript clothing, and holding a device.
Outside the door, a small squat man wrung his hands. He dared to knock, cringing, for he knew the orders.
The young man threw the door open, but catching it before it could hit the wall. If you could see behind his glasses, you would see feral yellow eyes, and an insane hate glisten in them, for only a moment. One breath, then two, the small man began to squirm.
"You had better have a really good reason to knock. Little man."
"I, uh, I just wanted to tell you that its a packed house. And uh, just, uh wondered, if everything is okay??"
"Yes, and if you knock again, I will feed you to him. Do you understand?"
The little man blanched, for he had seen the creature fight, he had made his fortune from well placed bets on him. But everyone knew that the creature must be dead. Or escaped. He wanted to be sure.. but how.
He blanched again, backing up. "I, I'm sorry mister.. uh..?"
he trailed off.
"That is Mister Smith to you. You will get 51% of the take, I get the rest, in cred or cash, payable to any one."
At that he pushed, secretly, a button. A howl let out of the cage, causing the little man to scramble back.
"Ok, ok... good luck."
"Luck has nothing to do with it. Don't come here again."

He closed and locked the door, setting a different device, that he pulled from his pocket, on the door knob. A secretion flowed from the device and soon the door was encased in a substance not unlike the Xenomorph resin.
Almost time, he thought to himself. The crowd howled in anticipation. He lifted the curtain, and unlocked the cage. The howl had ended, and the recording device sat there. He stepped into the cage, and locked it, dropping the cover back down.
Stripping and letting the change hit him instantly. His main form, that of a human nightmare, movies shown of them, stories told to terrify children.
The Lupine ducked out of the small door, and out onto the incandescent sands. He let out a blood curdling yowl, and the crowd went wild. Crazed music started to filter in, the type that makes death metal seem bland.
AN announcer yelled into a microphone, "On the left side, we have Slash!!! And the unlucky creature to face him tonight is...rock hard scorpiad, newly discovered on Targ 7!!"
And with that another door opened up and a huge rock like creature sped rapidly out onto the sand.
It had four sets of pinchers and a tail that curved back over its back, it seperated into four needle like appendages.
It saw the smaller creature in front of it and sped towards it, two pinchers almost cutting the sand, the other two, barely above that.
It jabbed and clacked, whirling to try to find the creature. The lupine, sat on its back, waiting for it to discover his prescense. When it did, he rode it like a cowboy would a bucking bronc. Finally it flipped itself to rid it of the lupine. The lupine instantly changed forms and became a large black feline like creature, a slight mane of hair behind him. The feline clawed his way up to the tail appendages and had the weight carry him back down. He used its needle like tail to skewer the scorpiad in its underbelly, using enough force to push the needle into the sand on the other side.
As the music tempo changed, the feline became a near true panther and ran to the creatures head. Where it changed one last time to the beat of the music. And it buried its head into the creatures throat. Ripping it out, and eating it.
The crowd roared, it booed, and tickets began to litter the arena floor. The lupine ate at the underbelly of the beast, and then howled and ran to the small door.

On the outside of the door to the room, the little man tried to open it again. But this time the door would not budge, as if a steel wall had slid up behind it. He shook his head and then went to divy up the winnings.

The cage door opened and the young man stepped out, he wiped his face, and shook the sand from his hair. He carefully reset the recording device, electrified the cage and covered it.
He then went to the door and touched a button, a wave of blue light hit the resin, and it became liquid again. It slurped back into the device and he pocketed it.

Locking that door he made his way to the office and got a pile of money, jewels and other things used as money.
"You gotta get Slash to put on a better show. He killed it too quick!"
"Get something intelligent for him to fight.!"
"Yah, I know. But no one who is sane will fight him. Everyone knows what happened to that Skaarelian. He lasted what 5 rounds?? Then Slash gutted him, and used his entrails to tie him up with. Then he scalped him, and I will not repeat what he did to him. No.. it was inhuman." the little man shuddered to think about it.
The young man quietly said, " I know, I remember."
"So, how did you get Slash? Last I heard, he was still that Grogers critter?"
"Groger is dead, I .. inhereted him."
"I am going to move him now, remember, no one is to come near!!"
He pocketed the winnings and left. Checking, always checking for bugs, implants, and spy ware. He went to the room and moved the cage out, snarling and pounding heard from within. He moved it to a grav truck and left. Leaving it at a warehouse, he then moved to a grav bike and went to Karakorum.

A few hours later, sitting at a bar, he watched a feline like female, with three breasts, do a strip tease on a pole. He nursed a drink, and fought the itching of his own skin.

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The streets are dark and silent. Something strange has arrived here. Even though most of the inhabitants of this section cant tell what is going on they all feel the need to be indoors tonight. Suddenly out of the darkness a tall cloaked figure steps forth. With barely a sound the figure walks down the street. Resting on its right shoulder is a large scythe. Handle in right hand. The blade stabs upwards. Curving perfectly, light shines off of the blade in a strang;y beautiful way. In the darkness no one can see but a red liqued drips off of the blade. A black cloak hides the figure. In the distance we can hear the scream of a women.
"Music to my ears" the figure says under its breath...
"To bad there arent any prisons here for me to slaughter the inmates... oh well. those pit fights should be interesting enough..."
In the distance sirens scream. Suddenly the figure jumps up with ease onto the roof of a nearby building. In a blur of black cloak the figure starts to move from building to building. When the figure stops it is sitting on the edge of a very tall building looking down apon all the beings. Eyes flash underneath the hooded face. The figure watches the beings bellow like a hawk watches mice scurry from one place to another.
"Yessss.... this place should suit me very well..."

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Sitting with his arm around a young attractive woman in the back of the club, Kore saw his new date down her TWELVETH Shot of genuine whiskey! She kicked it back with no problem, then kissed Kore on his smooth cheek followed by resting her head against his shoulder.
"You know, you really ought to stop...." before the last words could escape his mouth, she passed out and her head fell into his lap. Kore finished off his 3rd shot and sighed to himself"Why do all of my dates have to be heavy drinkers?"

Kore records an audio file in his small audio diary.
"Note to self....why did she want to have a drink inside of a topless bar? Who knows...."

A bouncer quickly relieved him of her, Kore paid the fee for both of theirs. Standing up and streching out, he sees a perculiar Brown haired man sipping a drink while being entertained by a 3 breasted stripper. Kore smiled to himself, casualy walked over to the man and sat down next to him.

Kore doesn't know who this man is, he is definately strange. Kore feels a different vibe coming from the man, something good, but at the same time troubling.

"Yeah, they're nice, but are they 'real'..." Kore commented
"You seemed very troubled Mister....?" Kore held that word waiting for a response.

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Dan looked sideways at the guy who had just sat down next to him. He had seen the date pass out, and smelled the alcohol from accross the room. He looked up at the feline woman, and took a deep breath. His altered olfactory sense gathering in any unusual smells of the man next to him.
It came out as a sigh, the man next to him smelled of women, and guns.
Instantly on edge, too many would be hunters. Too many times he had been hunted...
He sighed again, took another sip of the drink in front of him, savoring the taste then swallowing it.
"Most usually call me Mr. Smith. I have a name, but don't share it to often. I feel it has to earned, like trust."
"What do you want, besides wanting to know if Karta, up there has fake tits, or real ones. They are real by the way."
He motions the bar tender for another drink. He couldn't feel the alcohol, he never did. His system absorbed it like any other starch or sugar. Storing it for when he changed....

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After days of wandering through the wilderness, I stumbled into my destination. At least, I think I spent days wandering in the wilderness. I mean, it feels like I have. But why was I without so much as a duffel bag to carry camping gear in?And where the hell am I anyway? I'm here, but, where's here?

I then went to a hotel and asked for a room to spend their night in. "Alright, just sign this, and initial this" the man said.

I replied, "Sure, no problem." but as I took the pen in hand and was about to sign the papers, I realized that not only do I not know where I am or how I got here, but I didn't even know my own damn name! "I....I....I kind of ....forgot.....my name"

The man pushed a button on the desk and then secruity came, picked me up, and carried me away, which I let them do. They laughed at me and procceeded to tell me that I was a walking dead man, because I now had to fight Slash in the pit.

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"Well if it isn't my favorite customer, Ki' cti Nain-de, coming to spend a night here again." said the hotel man. "you know some stanger came here wanting to get a room, but didn't even remember his own name. and I thought you had problems with the voice in your head." said the man with a grin. I give him a nasty stare and then he shuts up and gives me my room number and key.

Thinking for a while, the voice in my head asked me to ask the man on what would happen to the amesia guy. I tell the voice in my head to shut up but it just keeps bugging me. so what the hell I'll aske the man for the info the voice wanted. Hopefully that'll keep it quite .

"so, whats gonna happen to the guy that did not remember his name?" I ask. " oh, him, his Slash's next victim."

I procede to go to my room and say to my self, " I must see that match up" opening my room to get my well deserved rest.

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The bar gets ready to close, and Dan sips his drink one last time.
The guy who asked about the 3 breasted dancer has moved to try to hit on her. The guy seemed likeable, but Dan would move slowly and carefully. He did not create an instant friendship, but he thought to himself, a seed was planted.
His data link flashed and he reached into his pocket to check the message.
"Damn", he muttered under his breath.
He looked at the guy, still trying to sweet talk Karta, "You want another drink? I gotta go."
He bought both of them another round, and was about to leave, "See you around. I will be here tomorrow."

His mind racing, and knowing he couldn't back down or out of the fight. He walked to his grav bike and took off into the wee early hours of the day to come.

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After three hours of laying there in her bed just staring at the cieling, Ki' cti Nain-de gives out a frustrated sigh. "shut up ooman. you know, if you weren't in my head, I would have long used my net gun and pinned you to the wall."

"Its not my fault that I'm stuck in your head"

"Well its not my fault either. So just shut up an let me sleep I am the original owner of this head, so let me sleep!."

"Ki 'Nain."


"Ki 'Nain, I was thinking..."

"Yes, ooman? Just tell me so that I can fall asleep."

"... Slash has been fighting quite a bit now. Don't you think that maybe he feels tired of fighting?"

"could be."

Knock, Knock.

"There better be a good reason for bothering us at this time"

Opening the door, a room service attendant peeps in. "Is everything ok miss? we could hear you talking in a frustrated tone a couple of hallways back. Can I be of any help?"

Quikly afterwards he was answered in a not so happy tone, "No thank you, we are fine." and the door was shut leaving a very perplexed room attendant thinking to himself, "that yautja sure has problems."

"see, now they know of our little converstation. Now will you just shut up, our body needs to get some sleep. we have a long day tomorrow."

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Just as he was about to put a $10 into the G-string of the stripper, Kore's personal phone sounded. Kore answered it.
"Yeah?" Kore said
A man with a scratchy voice responded, "I have a mission for the Angel of Death..."
"One moment please..." Kore stalled

Kore immediately dropped what he was doing with the stripper and walked into the restroom, he checked and all the stalls, they were clear. Kore locked the door for a breif time. Kore then afixed a special devise on his phone so that he could record the conversation for his own record.
"Proceed, the Angel Of Death is listening..." Kore stated slowly and clearly.
"I need you to remove a certain individual...I'll pay 300,000 credits upon completion." the voice offered
Kore cleared his throat, "Who is the target? Tell me his ID number for the area."

" Zero, Five, Two, Zero, Three, Three, Six, Two, Zero.
(0520-33620) The voice answered slowly.
Kore responded to the number ID, "That's a secret service ID!! You want me to kill a black ops man?"

After a pause, the voice answered, "Check his record, Please, he killed my family but never got convicted. I'm hiding right now, but I think he's after me too."

"Okay, let me do a small background check on the man before I ice em okay? You in the mean time stay hidden, and when I give you the word, you are going to let him follow you to a place I designate, then I will get him there, but until then, stay hidden. What's your ID?" Kore asked

"2001-8821" he quickly answered

"Okay, I'll call you back on the status of the man...until then. Angel of Death out." Kore hung up.

Unlocking the door, Kore walks and kissed the stripper once quickly on the lips and then headed out for his apartment.

Walking to his room, he sees an attendant shakin his head at the ground mumbling to himself things about a weird yautja that talks to herself. Kore dismissed it intially, until he stopped the man.
"Hey what room did you just come from?" Kore asked

He points at the door," that yaujta is the devil..." The attendant said in an East Texas backwater accent.

Kore continued walking till he found his room. He walked through his fairly spacious living room until he was at his tiny coat room. Kore removed several boxes and on the floor was a hatch with a security panel. Kore entered in the code and unlocked the door, there was a small stairwell into a sub-room....Kore's mercinary chamber. Inside was a large computer system and security monitors in the far corner, on the other side were large crates. In the middle of the well lit, but low ceiling room was an armor and weapons rack. Kore sat down in his chair and relaxed.

After exstensive background check, the man was a sick man, it was a wonder he got into the service. 1 count of rape, 2 counts of assault. He was a middle aged man with a shiny bald head and a black braided beard. On his head was tattooed a yin-yang.

Kore called his previous contact back.
"Okay, I want you to be at the Colesium Pit by the time "Slash" fights another victim, I want you to wear a bright yellow T-shirt. That way I know it's you, and I want you to sit alone. If he attempts to make a move on you, I'll take him out, but you won't see me when I do it."

After a brief pause the man says, "Thank you sir, thank you SO very much..."
Kore interupted him, "No, it's MY pleasure. Remember, Colesium in five hours, Yellow T-shirt, and sit alone in the nosebleed seats."

Kore printed out the image of the target and put it up on his buletin board.
"Taking you down will be a walk in the park."

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The first fight of a new day. Damn what a way to start one.
He didn't want to fight. But he had left it open. And to have it held at the main colesuim. Damn!!
The reason he fought in the back towns, was because it was harder to pull off his little show. Damn.
Now he needed to get something. Driving is grav bike to a pit dealer, he pulled up outside and heard the cacophany of sound. Growls, howls, grunts, and gabbering. He had heard it for so many years, it meant nothing now.
An man dressed in over-alls came up to him. "Hey Dex! What'cha looking for?"
Dan looked at him, he used many false names, and this was just one of many.
"Well Sheve, I am looking for a felinoid. Something big and dangerous. Or maybe you got a Pyrocane?"
"Hmmm, nope, them are hard to come by these days. I think I got a Felniawk from Wortz world, will that do ya?"
I pondered over what I knew of the creature, its sounds were not what I was looking for.
"No.. anything else?"
"Well.. darn, lemme think. I got a mimic, you know one of them little guys. They sure are mean, but they can be anything, once. Some lady over in Venture wanted it, but then she went bankrupt and could pay for it."
I smiled to myself, perfect.. And I could keep it around for a while, just in case.
"Yeah, thata do me. Just fine Sheve."
I paid him with part of the winnings from the previous night, I didn't have much time. I rented his grav truck and picked up the cage, then transfered it to a pit cage. Larger and on special grav supports for easy pushing.

The morning was well up and the people who wanted to attend a blood bath before their own breakfast already started to line up. I covered the cage, and set an electric field up around it.
Stopping just outside, and pulling into a parking garage, I went up, and made sure it was clear.
I hoped out and turned off the field, unlocked the cage and stepped under the cover and into the cage.
The mimic was looking at me, in its current form it looked like a giant two toned slug, with four eyes, and a mowhawk of sensers running down its back.
I slipped from my clothes and instantly changed to the most seen of my four forms. The werewolfen form. I snarled at it and howled, putting it on the defensive. It suddenly reared up and began to glow, its features spiked and blobbed about as it reformed. Looking just like me. I almost swiped it, sharing my rage and my blood lust.
It almost did the same to me.
I then grabbed my clothing and stepped from the cage. But before ducking back and away from the cover I listened. To breathing, to anything. No one was around. Slash ducked from under the covered cage and then shifted back to me.
I quickly got dressed and relectrified the cage area.
I know had my decoy, and my secret was safe another day.

I pulled into the Colesium pit area, and pulled the grav truck up and into the loading area. I saw a cuffed young man with a bewildered look on his face. My competition.. my breakfast.
Damn! I would not do this again. I would come up with some excuse. Something to stop this. After the fight, maybe I could bury the guy.
I pushed the cage with the snarling creature that every one stepped back from into a holding room. I refused all aid, and waited for the 10 minute buzzer to sound.
I pulled a tranq dart from my jacket, and pulled my other little helper from a pocket.
I set it on the door and the resin flowed out and sealed the room. I uncovered the cage and before my mimic could reach for me. I darted it. Stepping into the cage, I stripped and Slash came forth. Waiting for the music, waiting for the dance of death.

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wolf you have untel 7:15 pm central time to rectify your post or else i will delete the post.

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Kore waited in the high rafters above the crowds. In his kneeling position he, had his XVD-90 on a bipod. It was equipped with a Magus Super Scope and a foot and a half long silencer. But unless a person had telescope vision, they wouldn't spot him. Kore himself was wearing jet black combat pants, "Underarmor", a thin flak jacket, and a black leather jacket. On his face were black avator sunglasses. In his prone position, Kore spotted his client in the yellow T-shirt, just as he had instructed. Kore scanned the crowd vigorously.

Kore's client stood up and walked over to the edge of the wall, looking down into the arena.
"No no no, what the hell are you doing?" Kore whispered to himself.

A man with a fedora hat walked up right next to the client, when he took off his hat, it revealed a yin-yang tattoo, fitting the character description. Kore took aim in his sniper rifle, and put the reticles on the back of the man's head. The man, turned around and stared straight into Kore's eyes!

Kore squeezed the trigger and the weapon fired without a sound. The next minute, the target has a large open hole in his forehead, then falls over the wall and lands inside the arena.

Seeing what happened, Kore scrambles and deconstructs his weapon into a small breifcase, he puts on a sports coat and makes his way down stairs, calm and collected as usual.

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I was going to be in a damned duel to the death, and I had to think of something quick. "You there! Yeah, you, Mr. Amnesia! Come over here!" said a burly guard as he took me to a group of old-fashined weapons. "Pick any one you want. Hell, take them all, you have no chance against Slash anyways!"

I said nothing, but pocketed all 13 of the knieves I also wore two scabbards with swords in them, and I carried a third with me. A plan was begining to formulate inside my head. I wasn't clueless. I knew I wouldn't be able to defeat this Slash everyone was talking about, but I did know that I was faster than anyone else, and that I didn't actually have to win this fight to be free, I just had to get out of the ring.

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Makeing his way down several levels with his rifle in several pieces in his briefcase, Kore went down to the farthest level closest to the arena. He saw the body on the ground in the pit with brain matter and blood splattered all over the floor. Reaching inside of his pocket, Kore pulls out a small pair of binoculars.

"Yup, he's dead meat." Kore said to himself.

Kore saw a small guy enter the arena with several blades and swords. The look on the little guys face was placid, he wasn't nervous in any way.

"Damn, he's got a snowball's chance in hell." Kore said chuckling to himself.

Kore sighed to himself and walked on back to transit rail station. After a terse 5 minute ride, the rail halted and Kore jogged out into the housing section. Kore, this time stopped at the room where the dumb attendant had pointed. On the door's current residential list, the house was under the name of "Ki' Nain".
"Hmm, so that's the yautja he was talkin about..."

He stood infront of the door, listening keenly for anything. Hearing nothing, Kore knocked a few times on the door.

Deciding to best not disturb these people further, Kore left a small business card that said:

--------Hanz Heinrich: Neighborhood Watch: Handles any domestic disturbances for low price.-----------
Then in the fine print at the bottom is inscribed:
--------"Is also seeking female that is single and NOT a heavy drinker. Call 20-321-2199."----------------

Kore went to his apartment and made his way to his computer. He logged on to his financial credit account. He saw his old account balance of 678,000 cr. instantly increase to 978,000 before his eyes. He also recieved a memo saying "You handled it perfect, THANK YOU, I feel free to walk the streets again."

Feeling awefully damn good, Kore dressed up in an evening semi-causual attire, armed himself with a .50cal desert eagle in his coat holster, freshened up, then stepped outside.
"Ahhh, time to go clubbin." Kore smiled to himself.

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Sitting on the roof edge watching the little creatures entertained Zakalisss for a while. It started to rain. Quickly Zakalisss's cloak becomes soaked. The blood is rinsed from his scythe. Still Zakalisss sits up there not really caring about anything in particular.
Hours pass by as Zakalisss just sits there in the rain. Thinking... enjoying the peace.
Then in a blink of an eye Zakalisss disapeers over the edge. With barely a sound Zakalisss lands, crouching then standing up as if nothing had happened. Scythe in right hand Zakalisss walks forward through the crowd. Coming across a dark sports bar Zakalisss steps in.
"Excuse me but no weapons are aloud inside. However I can hold onto your weapons" A bouncer says.
Zakalisss stands up straight and from under the dark hood his eyes lock with the bouncers. The bouncer's eyes open wide.
"I will give you two options" Zakalisss says and reaches into his cloak.
"option A." He pulls out several peices of fine jewelry "I hand you there and you live long. Or option B. I brutally sluaghter you and eat you."
The bouncer stares at Zakalisss petrified. Zakalisss reaches out and slips the jewels into the bouncers front pocket.
"Keep up the good work" Zakalisss says as he steps into the bar. Quickly Zakalisss sits down at a corner table in the darkness. There is a small holoprojector. Tapping a few controls Zakalisss brings up the fight from earlier.
Slash vs a rock hard scorpiad
This "slash" was popular on this planet. Slash won the fight pretty easily.
"Finally I find someone worthy killing... the only problem is that I already respect this Slash. There is something "different" about slash. Hes not just a fighting creature. but what exactly he is otherwise i have no idea..." Zakalisss says under his breath.
Well maybe you should go find out. A voice inside his head says.
"Why the hell not. Theres another game starting soon" Zakalisss says to himself. Leaves a tip even though he never drank anything and leaves the sports bar.
In a blur of black cloak Zakalisss makes his way to the main colesuim. Paying his fee Zakalisss makes his way into the stands. A large crowd was pushing and shoving to look into the pit.
Weird. The match couldnt have started yet.
Zakalisss moves through the crowd with a practiced ease.
"Some idiot fell into the pit. Oh well. Slash will eat him" one of the crowd members was saying.
Glancing bellow Zakalisss sees a figure lying on the ground in the pit. Not caring the slightest Zakalisss moves through the crowd. Coming to a support beam Zakalisss jumps up and onto the rafters. Finding a nice spot right above the pit Zakalisss sits down and waits.

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Slash stood, his 12 foot tall muscular build causing a shadow to reach accross the sand. His shaggy back and short tail a dark reddish brown. He almost had a mane of hair cascading from the back of his head and neck. His hind paws squished the sand between them. His long arms, almost hung to his knees, the long scythe like claws, on long articulated fingers clenched and unclenched.
He looked up into the crowd and howled his hate for them. His huge fanged maw drooled at the thought of fresh blood, and his nose picked up the scent of a fresh kill. His feral yellow eyes focused on the small man who was pushed into the other end of the pit. Light glinted off the many knives and other weaponry he had on him. Slash smelled no fear, but a sort of calm. He narrowed his eyes and looked deeply at the human.
He huffed out with a breath and walked towards the corpse, he scanned the tattooed body, and then threw sand on it. Saving it, and marking it for himself.
He went into a crouch, and then to an almost 4 legged stance.
He looked at the man on the sands and waited for the music to start.
It did and before the first beat of music came out, the crowd howled in blood lust, and a blur of dark movement was now right in front of the man.
Clad with his knives and swords, he drew one. Almost anticipating Slashes moves. Slash grabbed one and tossed it with insolence over his shoulder. He then waited the human's next move.
Staring at him, a blood thirsty growl coming from his drool slick mouth.
The man's eyes widened, and he gave a kurt nod.

He then lunged at the man, waiting for him to dodge.

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I was only a little suprised to learn that Slash was intelligent. At least, I wasn't as suprised as Slash looked like he thought I would be. Probably because of the amnesia. When he lunged at me time seemed to slow down a little bit, and I rolled right underneath him. I saw suprise register a little on Slash's face, not because of where I dodged, but because of the speed. I was on the other side of the pit before Slash turned around.

I started mouthing the words, "Don't grab the anymore blades I send your way. Dodge them instead." Of course, as I was attempting to be understood, I was also dodging "attacks" by Slash. I felt that Slash understood, so I drew another sword and threw it in his general direction. It stuck point first into the wall just slightly over my head.

I threw my other sword into the same spot, except higher, when I could resonably claim that I was throwing it at Slash. I continued to do this with almost all of my knieves (I had two left). Then I was on the other side of the pit, and Slash came at me on the side, so I recognized my chance and ran like hell, outpacing Slash.

I jumped up into the air, used the wall for a little boost, and I landed on one of my swords. I then quickly jumped towards the next one and so on, until I was near the top of the pit. I leaped into the air, pushing off the just enough so I didn't slam my body into it, and I cleared the top of the pit, landing into a crowd of onlookers.

I sprinted away from the crowd, and I ended up getting away because I was faster than any of them, and I had already built up my adreneline levels. Slash, or Mr. Smith, or whoever he is had told me to head to a certain bar. Ok, he helped me, so I'll trust him and go where he said.

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the crowd booed in disapointment.
"BLOOD THIRSTY BASTARDS" Zakalisss roars at the crowd from his perch above.
"Hey slash. Lets give the crowd a fight. Not one to the death. First one to go down loses" Zakalisss challenges. Slash looks above straight at Zakalisss.
Zakalisss swings his scythe and imbeds it into the rafters. then unslinging his pistols and ammo belts he sets them down in the rafters also. Pushing himself off the rafters Zakalisss falls into the pit. Landing in a crouch.
"You and me slash. Im not here to win. Im here to test the worth of these people" Zakalisss whispers. Standing up he faces the 12 foot slash.
"So slash what do you say to the challenge" Zakalisss whipsers to slash.

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