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Topic: who is better
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black sunshine
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who in your opinion is better at hunting pathetic humans the predator or the alien?

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Depends on the situation. A single predator is probably better against an individual heavily-armed human or a group of such humans than a single alien, since it's cloaking system and ranged weapons will eliminate the advantage the human or humans would have from it's weapons. The alien would be blown to pieces before it had a chance to kill all the humans in a group, and it would certainly have trouble getting close to even a single heavily-armed human unless in an enclosed space. On the other hand, the alien's speed and lack of combat rules would make it far more effective againt unarmed humans or humans armed with only short-range weapons like blades or blunt force weapons, and it's whole-body armor and acid blood would likely make bladed weapons more dangerous to the humans than the alien. The only exception would be soldier armed with pikes, which the alien would have a hard time penetrating but the predator could easily cut to pieces with his own pole weapons or smart disc. However, extremely close quarters could eliminate any predator advantage, while very wide-open or brightly-lit areas would eliminate any alien advantage.

When it comes to large numbers of aliens or predators, it becomes harder to judge. Such situations have never been seen in any predator film, and the situations are somewhat ambiguous in the comics, so it is difficult to judge how the predators would operate in such a situation. Certainly they are seen functioning very effectively as a tightly-organized and well-disciplined military force in the comics in several instances. So in a stand-up fight against a prepared enemy group of predators would do far better than a group of aliens, likely winning while the aliens would likely lose in such a situation. Guerrilla combat in an interior environment like deep inside a building, cave, or ship would give the aliens a clear advantage since they can attack from above or below much more effectively and can blend into dark areas and fit through narrow spaces. However urban warfare, jungle or forest warfare, or warfare in a rocky environment would largely eliminate the aliens' ability to get close from above or below and eliminate their camoflauge advantage in the dark, but the irregular background would be ideal for predator cloaking system and the high places would be ideal for predators maneuvering above their foes and sniping from high places. So I would say that environment gives a clear advantage to predators.

Against an individual foe who is knowledgeable about them, strong, and prepared for the fight I would say the predator has a massive advantage compared to the alien. Aliens are cunning, but they are no where near intelligent enough to come up with new plans and strategies against a foe who has figured them out. On the other hand, in both the movies and the comics predators have been seen recognizing traps or opponent plans, pulling back, re-thinking its strategy, the modifying its strategy and behavior in order to counter its opponent or opponents' moves.

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Predators have adampted to combat their pray, the Xenos..

Humans have been an extra over the recent centries as our weaponry has evolved to pose a worthy trophy for the Predators

Xenos are simple, less costly. Less time and resources are required to have a mature drone for attack than a mature Predator.
Therefore, I think interms efficiency in killing they in a situation which suits their combat style they are the better spicies. (where they have the necessary local livestock to multiply, and ther combat environment has enough cover for their numeric supremeasy and speed can win).

However, where there are few and the Predator has access to his full weapon arsinal the Pred is better

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