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What do you expect from the AvP2 movie?

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Topic: What do you expect from the AvP2 movie?
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As the title suggests, what would you like to see in the AvP2 movie?

I say, a little bit more suspence (we didn't have any in the first one).

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More of everything. That battles were fairly one-on-one, one of any pair of races against each other. The fights involving more were all cut short by the amazing changing ruins. I would like to see a dozen humans, a half-dozen preds, and a couple dozen aliens simultaneously, or at least have large groups of 2 out of the 3 races together simultaneously.

I would also like to see some humans who actually know how to fight and are properly equipped to do so.

Infighting withing the preds and humans would be good. Everyone was killing other groups but within the groups they were all way too cooperative. Predators should be jockeying for rank and kills, stabbing each other in the back (not literally, that would be fairly lame). Humans should have different people with different, mutually exclusive goals and at least one or two with complete and utter disregard for the well being of their companions or the general human population. The interspecies conflict has been done, seeing some intraspecies conflict to accompany it would add a lot more death, even if that conflict was fairly cliche.

See the predators taken by surprise somehow. They were fairly in control in the last movie, even though things went a bit off their normal plan it was still fairly smooth as hunts go. Make things go [b]way[/i] off the predators' plan so they have just as little clue what is going on as the humans.

Have more environments. The battles were all in enclosed, narrow spaces, particulary conducive to aliens' combat style. Having a wider variety of environments, including outside urban or building compounds were predators have an advantage and open areas where humans have an advantage would probably be good.

Have humans who are familiar with aliens and are prepared to deal with them, then have the predators come and screw everything up. Usually it seems to be more the other way around.

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I just want to see more preds with burners and so on, maybe having more interaction (combat or otherwise) with humans WHO are WAY better equipped and trained for the situations. It would be awesome as hell if they had the weapons off of Aliens (ie. pulse rifles, smartguns, etc.)

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