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I've been gone a while and naturally have to get myself up to date, however I noticed this extremely fascinating RTS idea. After reading the bulk of it, I could see where it was heading - startcraft. I have no objection to the idea of starcraft, however this wasn't... no, isn't what we'd need to make a successful Aliens RTS. Couple of years back PC gamer had a small column called "we'd like to see" (or something like that) where you sent in ideas for games. ME and some guys managed to send one in for an RTS Aliens game (not predator im afraid) where it was based less like starcraft and more like a squad based top-down game. There were no bases and in theory it was more like sudden strike, only with a closer view.

With your permission i'd like to revamp my original ideas and post them, obviously im not sure if this would be greeted with a positive attitude as there is already a current essay on it, although you might appreciate a second view.

Given a few weeks I can probably make up some screenshots too, with a proper interface to look at, of course i'd never be able to make the game but im sure if we twist some arms...

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Swiss is BACK!!

yeah--we're always looking for people to "vent" their ideas about the possible games.

I'm currently in negotiation with a few people to write articles on possible "Alien-only" and "Predator-only" games.

SO, the more the better...

Any gametype comes to mind--write about it.

THIS is what my site is about--none of that boring "regurgitation of established ideas" crap.

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Well hopefully there will be a lot more essays around here perhaps I can even write one.

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aye--we take any good material.

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I have just added part 4 regarding the Aliens - any comments?

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What has happened to the RTS game????

Is it out??? Has it been canceled???

I wa going through some of the older stuff and came across a couple of pics we have been sent from the publisher a while back to use. So, whats happening with thi game?

Corpral Hicks
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Dude its out, AVP Extinction!

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i'd just like to say i didn't really like AVP extinction.....at all. It's too much like the other RTS games out there

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