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Read the essay??

General thoughts on a Predator-only game are


while a listing of the weapons for the player is


Your views on a Pred-only game??

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im an alien person myself, but it sounds good. cant wait for the next section.

that pred pic is from the AvP arcade game, isnt it? the pred does that when you finish a level, doesnt it? thats cool, whered you get it from?

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that is what ive been waiting for.

one important thing that i think it will need is re-play-ability...... if it is done like all other story based games it will be fun 4 or 5 times then get anoying cause you will want new maps and new senarioes....

since it is a hunting game i recon it should be done in the same style as the CANIVORES games... just put some effort in to making it!!!! thats all carnivores needed realy and a predator version would be THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!!

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Atleast a pred only game could have something the AvP games don't variaty. In the AvPs you only have Marines and Aliens to kill but in a pred only game you would be able to add a lot of other prey races (think P2 the trophy wall for a few ideas).

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That would be awesome to be able to fly from galaxy to galaxy finding the meanest most difficult prey that you could think of.

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