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Topic: ALIENS inspires music.
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I've done a piece of music inspired by the 'Aliens' film. It's not meant to replace any of it and it's a completely original work.
I used a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas and Roland XV-2020 synth module and a Korg Pa80 keyboard to create this piece. I'm not a professional musician and I do this for fun. I hope you enjoy it. Get it here: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/v.ford/music.htm Right click on 'Aliens' and select 'save target as' otherwise your browser my just download and play it from where it is.


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interesting music...

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Hey! Its one of coolest music i ever heard!

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There's a nice newsie up on planetavp too!

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Doh! Now I'm going to have to tart-up that temporary web page, eek!

Anise dashes off to do some tarting-up!

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Wow, im listening to it now, and its awesome keep up the good work!

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Nice, I like it a lot !

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Really good work Anise and I hope to be hearing more soon if your planning to make more.

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