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Info for AvPvT RPG (kinda like Nealith's)

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Topic: Info for AvPvT RPG (kinda like Nealith's)
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not long after i heard about Nealith's RPG, i got a bit caught up with the idea, and am currently making one now myself. i REALLY want to add the Terminators, cos i feel that they round off with the other three quite nicely. the problem is that i cant find any info on them - just a whole heap of fan sites with quotes and movie reviews. thats the lot. does anybody know any websites i might find some info? or have some info themselves? help would be greatly appreciated.

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Not really a Terminator fan, so....

But I'd like the sound of it! Any more info you can release???

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I saw this post and it intigued me. I went and looked for a site with info, but like you, i only got the fan site crap . If you cant find one, looks like your gonna have to base all your information on what you can get out of the movies.

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