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What does Xenomorph Mean?

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Topic: What does Xenomorph Mean?
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Corpral Hicks
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The question here is what does Xenomorph mean?
Now those of you who read Dairy or a Xenomorph 2, will notice that Slof says that Xenomorph means 'Aliens that Change'. This is correct because Xeno meaning Aliens and Morph meaning Change. Obviously refering to the Life Cyle.
Now in the Mell and Dachande Show, I say it means 'Foreign Bodies'. Being as the Chestbursters are Foreign to the Human Body. Now Anise noticing this Mailed me about it and we had a bit of a Talk about.
I changed it to 'Aliens that Change', but after doing some Science Homework, I was looking through the Dictionary for the meanings of Latin and Greek words in Science, when I came across Xeno.
It said that Xeno was Greek for Foreign, and I thought way-to go Percy( bit of a nick-name for me) you may have been right after all. I then looked up Morph and somewhere in there it said that Morph was Greek( I think it was Greek) for Organism, which can also me Body.
I believe that there are 2 meanings for Xenomorph. 'Aliens that Change' and 'Foreign Body'. So both Alienslof and I are right in the meanings of Xenomorp!

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